The Proposal



For a little over a month, Pork had been planning how he would ask the question. He had always imagined how he would propose throughout the years and he knew he wanted to do it in some sort of art gallery or museum. While on their trip to Japan just the month prior, both Piggy and Pork learned about the art installation by teamLab in Tokyo and were blown away by the videos.

After a long 2 hour wait in the summer heat, they were able to get into the DMM.Planets exhibition by teamLab. The experience was stunning and awe inspiring. Inspired by that visit, Pork had heard about the teamLab installation in Menlo Park from none other than Piggy herself. Doing some research into it, he saw the Sketch Aquarium and immediately got an idea.

The Sketch Aquarium was designed to let kids scan drawings of their ocean critters into a giant digital aquarium. But he thought, “I can use this for my proposal!”

Excited, he called the gallery and told them his plan. The management was extremely supportive and ran down how it could work logistically. About 2 weeks before the planned date, Pork drove down to the lab and picked up multiple copies of fish, jellyfish, turtles, and other marine templates for his drawings.

With some help from his coworkers and some pastels, Pork drew dumplings and tacos and all the little things that would represent his relationship with Piggy. Despite having a handful of drawings, he knew he needed more to make the aquarium come alive. Cluing in Piggy’s friends on the plan, they agreed to help make more drawings the day of.

With drawings ready and the ring on hand, the next big step was convincing Piggy to go along with the plan.

Pork casually sent Piggy a calendar invite to the spa, a place they would go on occasion for special events. She accepted without question.

OCTOBER 1, 2016


This was it. This was the day! Pork insisted that they go to brunch before the spa and that he had made reservations so they couldn’t be late. Because the gallery opened to the public at 11AM and the general public would start venturing into the Sketch Aquarium at the end of the gallery tour, Pork had planned to do the proposal right at 11AM as the first thing. This meant they wouldn’t actually get brunch first. Fearful that Piggy might get hangry, he also brought a granola bar. (Thankfully, it wasn’t necessary.)

As they started to pull into the gallery, Pork confessed that they weren’t going to brunch yet and that he wanted to surprise Piggy that they were going to the gallery first. Piggy had no clue and was more than happy that they were going to the teamLab gallery they had been planning to attend. Taking Piggy’s hand, Pork led her to the Sketch Aquarium which was housed in a separate entrance from the main one. She asked, “Aren’t we supposed to go to the main entrance?” Pork quickly assured her, “Nope, it’s fine this entrance works.” She bought it.

The security guard stopped them and said, “The main entrance is on the other side.” Slightly confused, Pork said, “Oh, we were told to go here.” The security guard realized that they were the couple and told them to wait. The guard turned into the building and, after a brief moment, returned to wave the two in.

The room was empty and dark, but glowed with the colors of the aquarium. It was already filled with the drawings. His drawings and some he didn’t recognize.

Pulling on Piggy’s hand, Pork casually walked her over to the aquarium and started to point at it.

“Isn’t this nice? Oh, can you see what this says?” Pork asked while pointing at a dumpling with Will you marry me? written across it.

“No.” Piggy replied.

Pork smiled and waited for the dumpling to come into focus. “Okay, how about now?”

Sensing a pause, Pork took Piggy’s hands and started to get down onto one knee.

“We’ve been together for a long time now. And all of these years have been the happiest of my life. [Piggy], will you marry me?” Pork drew out the ring.

Shocked and surprised, Piggy exclaimed, “Wait! Are you serious?”

Pork smiled and nodded. Piggy’s eyes started to tear up and she nodded.

Pork slipped the ring onto her finger and gave her a kiss.

Then he turned her to face across the room and exclaimed, “And your friends are here too!”

Piggy’s friends came out cheering, all witnessing the event while Piggy was completely unaware of their presence. They all cheered, took pictures, and celebrated the success of the proposal and Pork could not have been more happy with how it all went.